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Alternatives to Xenotransplantation

How it Works
The Benefits of Xenotransplantation
The Risks Involved
Ethical Issues
Legal Issues
Alternatives to Xenotransplantation

The following is a list of the possible alternative to xenotransplanatation:
- Increase the number of people with donor cards. One third of the population, according to opinion polls, are willing to donate their oragsn, while only one fifth carry donor cards.
- Improving the methods of obtaining organs. Spain has a better funded network of transplant co-ordinators and their transplant rates have doubled in six years.
- Updating the legal situation of organ donation
- Changing the standards for eligible organ donors
- Increasing the level of living donors. The organ with the highest demand for organ donors is the kidnay which is transplantable from living humans. Only one tenth of the total number of kidney transplants is from live donors.
- Improving lifestyle habits. If more care is put into the prevention of organ threatening sicknesses, there will be less demand for organ donors.