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How it Works
The Benefits of Xenotransplantation
The Risks Involved
Ethical Issues
Legal Issues
Alternatives to Xenotransplantation


It is still unknown of what the cost of xenotransplantation will be. Xenotransplantation can be expected to cost at least as much as a human-to-human transplant. The cost of a kidney transplant in British Columbia is $20 000.00 not including the additional $6 000.00 for anti-rejection medication. The cost of a heart transplant is said to be around $80 000.00 in Ontario. The cost per year that is spent on organ transplants is around $47 million each year. Xenotransplantation will cost more than regular transplants because of the additional costs of breeding, feeding housing, euthenation, the disposal of the body afterwards, monitering of the patient post-procedure, autopsy costs, and quarantine after death. (

If xenotransplantation becomes an accepted method of organ transplants, the demand for xenotransplants will be high. This will lead to the increase of health costs.