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How it Works
The Benefits of Xenotransplantation
The Risks Involved
Ethical Issues
Legal Issues
Alternatives to Xenotransplantation



The word "xenotransplantation" is derived from the greek word "xeno" which, in english, means "stranger."

Xenotransplantation is any process involving the transfer of cells, tissues, or organs from one species to another for medical purposes. In some cases, xenotransplantation can be used in place of human-to-human transplants. Some of the possible procedures involving xenotransplantation include the transplantation of hearts, livers, kidneys, or pancreas. Skin grafts can also be performed in special cases such as burn victims. People who are visually impaired have the opportunity to improve their sight by corneal transplants. It is thought there is a possibility that a treatment for diabetes can be developing as cellular xenotransplantation can be used as a method of treating diabetes and even Parkinson's disease.